About Incantà

Incantà… "to enchant" in Corsican language. This is what I intend to do with my jewelry, handmade in my workshop in Bastia (Corsica)

I wish to created lovely, elegant and easy to wear jewelry, offering quality for affordable prices. As an illustrator, I like to play with colors, materials, textures and shapes to make unique pieces or limited series...

I choose materials with care, working with Corsican partners as much as possible.

About me...


I was born in Ajaccio (South of Corsica), and now live in Bastia (North of Corsica). I am formerly a Law and Business School graduate (Master's degree) and had the opportunity to work and study in various places in France or abroad, including Spain, USA and Ireland.

I started my careed in communications, then real estate, working at the same time as a freelance illustrator and author (you can visit my portfolio here)

I have always been a creator, as much as a jewelry lover. I began creating jewelry for my friends and family around 2013-2014... at that time, I was dreaming of going further someday, making it my main job.


Now back in Corsica, after several years away, this dream has finally come true! "Incantà" was born in september 2018...

– Marie-Laurence Versini –