"Sognu" means "dream" in Corsican language. This collection aims to be both delicate and refined, inspired by romantic, boho-chic and historical styles. Sometimes, I am having fun creating massives pieces inspired by some ancient queen or goddess...

For these more massive jewelry, I sometimes use pieces I buy in second-hand markets: I clean and polish them, before having them gold-plated and transformed into necklaces or bracelets.

I mostly use semi-precious materials such as gold-plated metal, Swarovski cristal, Murano glass, natural stones and fresh water pearls.



As you can guess, this collection is dedicated to Corsica with endemic stones, shells, symbols...

The collection currently puts the emphasis on the "Vert d'Orezza" stone ("Green from Orezza", very famous here) and the "Oeil de Sainte-Lucie" shell (St Lucy's Eye, probably the most popular symbol here)


"Legnu" means "wood" in Corsican language. Hand-painted wood beads, sometimes combined with natural stones and brass, are used to make necklaces and bracelets. These pieces are currently not available for online-shopping